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Welcome to our BARTER WEB SITE.

Tell us what you are looking for or what you have to offer and MATCHNEEDS will put you in touch with someone for direct negotiation.

Bartering transactions are arranged directly between the two parties.  MATCHNEEDS is just the facilitator.

Ways that MATCHNEEDS Can Help You

You live in Hershey, PA and know how difficult it is to find lodging for car shows. You have an extra room in your home that can be used for temporary lodging. Place an ad on MATCHNEEDS to find guests. You may want to advertise for a guest who, in exchange for your room, could fix your roof or provide legal services or teach you a skill.

You are really good at fixing cars, and you also need some expensive backhoe work done in your yard. Use MATCHNEEDS to find someone to do your yard work in exchange for working on his car.

You're tired of having to board your pet when you go on vacation. Use MATCHNEEDS to find lodging for you and your pet.

You're looking for vacant land in Upstate New York.

You own a small business and have services to offer.

Whatever...from aardvarks to zoot suits...MATCHNEEDS is at your service.

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

When in need,
Plant your seed.
Try your luck at MATCHNEEDS...
The small barter website with the BIG RESULTS.

Do you have a question? Send us an e-mail. Must Click here E-MAIL.

Attention! SNOWBIRDS AND SURFBIRDS! Exchange places! Take advantage of early opportunities for affordable lodging on the beach or on the slopes-even direct swaps.Do it right here on Matchneeds.

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